Colour Consulting

Colour is the single most important visible element of any design. It’s no wonder that people agonize over it. Choosing the right colour can be a daunting task; choosing the wrong one can prove to be a disaster.

We can help you choose colours for both interior rooms or the exterior of your house to improve curb appeal.

Our in-home colour consultancy service will give you all the inspiration and advice you need to create the unique look for the home you love.

We’ll be able to discuss your decorating plans, favourite colours and ideas, while taking into account the space, light and architecture of your room, all in a relaxed and informal way.

A fresh coat of paint makes any space look new, and the right colour combinations can unify, hide or highlight existing elements depending on the space.

So call today for an affordable consultation 0403049686

“Virginia has created colour schemes for a number of my projects. I have found her creativity, character & customer rapport to be invaluable.” Peter Reid, Painter in Newcastle area


Colour Palettes

I love the immediacy of paint to renew and refresh. Paint instantly changes the mood of a room and the bolder the colour choice, the more dramatic the transformation.

Having a personally chosen collection of colour pallettes gives me positive boundaries to work with and whether I use two or four or six or all the colours, it allows me to play with the mood of the room to ensure a unified end result.

Bird of Paradise

Exotic, young, flamboyant and attention-seeking –  I happy collection of summery citrus colours.

Bird of Paradise


Rich earthy colours add warmth and create a restful, grounded space.


Dark Star

The intensity and commitment of dark colour makes a bold and confident style statement.

Dark Star

Winter Warmers

Winter 2013





Ebony and Ivory

Black and white is about modern sophistication. It’s sleek, polished and bold that can also be warm and inviting by incorporating warm wood tones. These add balance to the very powerful visual impact of stark black and white.


Would you like me to help you with your home or office? Contact Me for all the details!

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