Clever Clutter

I’ve never been one for the minimalist look although I can appreciate it if it’s done well and in the right setting. For me, it’s the exotic, eclectic, ornate and unusual that gives a home personality and individuality. You know, having ‘stuff’ around that says something about you.

But we need to be clever with clutter.

  1. There must be a sense of organization. You can do this by grouping like objects together or having a common theme

  2. Using a repeated colour rests the eye

  3. Crisp white is always a good background for gorgeous clutter.

  4. Clutter doesn’t mean mess, so keep your room tidy

  5. There should be a sense of purpose for most of your ‘stuff’ eg books, a pile of magazines, crochery displayed on open shelving in the kitchen

So clutter away and enjoy!




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