Why Use a Rug?

Rugs are one of my favourite decorating tools – almost every room should have one!

But Why?

    The most obvious is for warmth and comfort especially if you have a hard surface floor like wood, tile or even polished cement. This is especially true in the bedroom. We don’t want to be padding around barefoot on a cold floor in the middle of winter
  • Another reason to use a rug is to add colour or pattern to the room
  • But the best reason to add a rug is to define different living spaces in an open floor plan. Most homes these days have the kitchen, dining and lounge area all in the one open space. Without walls to distinguish one area or function from another, furniture can end up feeling … adrift. But rugs can anchor floating furniture and create the illusion of containment. They give a sense of purpose to each area – this is the eating area, this is the relaxing area – they create a cosiness to a room which otherwise could look disorganized and unwelcoming.

See what I mean in these gorgeous pics below.

Picture5 Picture1 Picture2 Picture3


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